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What is strike price

Strike price is another important term used in options trading. It is the price at which the option can be exercised. In simple, it is the betting or expectation price where you think markets may go up to. Let us take nifty call put for better understanding. For instance, if nifty is trading at 5480 …

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Calculation of profits and losses in options

While it comes to calculation, there are 2 things we have to learn – how to calculate the break even point of an option and how profits/losses are calculate. Calculation of break even explained in our next article. Let’s go with an example, nifty to understand better how profits and losses are calculated in options …

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Nifty Call Put

Nifty options are classified into two categories Nifty call Option (Nifty call/Nifty CE) Nifty put Option (Nifty put/Nifty PE) Nifty Call Option: Nifty call rises when nifty index rise and the price declines when index falls. Nifty call is denoted as Nifty CE in trading terminals. In nifty call put options too, the loss is …

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