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Nifty Intraday

Nifty intraday is the term used to denote live quotes or live chart of nifty for a period of one trading day. In this article, we see how to trade equity or commodity markets using Chaikin Oscillator. As the indicator was developed by Marc Chaikin, it was named after him. Chaikin oscillator doesn’t measures the …

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Nifty Live

In this article, we discuss about the term nifty live, type of live charts, advantages and one study used in the intraday nifty chart or positional nifty chart Nifty live is the term used to represent real time chart or quote of nifty. These charts are of two categories, one is for nifty index and …

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Intraday Charts

Intraday charts are used to track the intraday movement of stocks. For instance, nifty intraday chart is used to predict the movement of nifty index or nifty future for intraday. As we have discussed before, various tools and indicators are used to track the same such as Moving average convergence divergence, MACD study. In this …

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Nifty Live Chart

In this article of nifty live chart, we learn how to trade using ‘Moving Averages’.

Nifty Chart

Nifty chart is used to predict the future movement of nifty. This could be done with the help of technical indicators. There are many indicators and overlays studies to find the trend of nifty futures. Some of the studies are: Bullish patterns Bearish patterns Stochastic Oscillator Relative Strength Index William %R oscillator Bollinger bands parabolic …

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Bank Nifty Chart

Bank nifty chart is used to track the live price movement of bank nifty future or index. Bank nifty represents the overall movement of all banking stocks. some of the banking stocks are: ALBK ANDHRABANK AXISBANK BANKBARODA BANKINDIA CANBK CENTRALBK CORPBANK DENABANK DHANBANK FEDERALBNK HDFCBANK ICICIBANK IDBI INDBANK INDUSINDBK INGVYSYABK IOB J&KBANK KARURVYSYA KOTAKBANK MAHABANK …

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NSE Charts

Nse charts are used to track the price movement of nse stocks. As the volumes are high in NSE’s index nifty compared to other stocks, chart readers too are high for nifty chart. In this article, let us know what is stochastic indicator and how to trade on nse charts like nifty future chart and …

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Nifty Intraday Chart

Nifty intraday chart is used to¬† In this article of nifty intraday chart, we see how to trade nifty futures and nifty options using Parabolic SAR technique. Parabolic SAR, Stop And Reverse study was developed by welles wilder in the year 1978 Wilder initially called this system as parabolic time/price system in his book, new …

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Live Nifty Chart

In this article of live nifty chart, we discuss about Average True Range study. Average true range is developed by J. Welles Wilder which is a measure of volatility. ATR is initially developed for commodity segment as commodities are high volatile stocks compared to equity stocks. Moreover, ATR deals with gap ups and gap down …

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Intraday Nifty Chart

Intraday nifty chart displays the data, graph or candles of only intraday nifty. Chart data is displayed from morning and ends up in the evening. Intraday index chart is divided in to two types. Live intraday chart and intraday EOD (IEOD) chart. Live intraday chart is the present day data which will be streamed till …

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