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Nifty Live Chart

In this article of nifty live chart, we learn how to trade using ‘Moving Averages’.

Call Put

Call put is used to refer an option. Options trading is classified in index (nifty index) and stocks. Options strategy for index, particularly nifty is different from that of the other. Traders need to take care while choosing the analyst for options trading. There are some websites best known for index options trading where as …

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nifty options tips

Nifty Options Tips are the used to trade in nifty call put. In Indian share market, these kind of tips are provided by many websites, each with their own unique features. However, many of these websites are proved to be fraud in nature. There are also certain websites like, etc. Website which provides …

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Free Nifty Option Tips

Free Nifty Option Tips are offered by some websites which are to be thoroughly checked before commencing any trade. These tips are either published on websites or send to mobile through sms. Former type of free nifty option tips could be trusted where as free nifty tips delived to mobile without subscription are extremely dangerous …

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Nifty Futures

Nifty futures are one of the derivatives which are derived from Nifty index. As said in our previous article, these have some unique features which are extremely helpful for professional as well day traders. Nifty future, as it is the index of national stock exchange, the volatility ratio is highly useful to trade. Also, volume …

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Nifty Option Tips

Nifty option tips are the recommendations given for nifty options segment. Many hidden features are present which have to be checked while subscribing to any nifty option tips provider. The investment required for this kind of options trading is minimum when compared with nifty cash or nifty future trading. When it comes to nifty tips …

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Nifty Future Tips

Nifty future tips are the recommendations used to trade in nifty futures. As stock future trading, nifty trading can also be done with the same rules. The expiry remains same for both segments. Unlike other stocks, nifty exists no where. It is a virtual kind of trading based on index. As a result nifty future …

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Nifty Tips

Nifty tips are the recommendations used to trade in nifty cash, nifty futures or nifty options. Nifty future tips and nifty options tips are another two classifications which need many features to be carefully checked before trading. Features to be checked for Nifty Tips: Intraday nifty tips/positional tips depending on the requirement Take break even …

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What is a Share

Share is the word which contains a meaning called ‘part’ of anything. It is used to refer and represent another term called ‘stock’ in share market. If you want me to explain in detail or classify both, stock is the total amount invested in the company which is divided into shares. It acts just as …

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